Easily Analyze Your Brand Sentiment

Save time and automate how your business analyzes the sentiment of campaigns, posts, and user comments.

  • Automate the tedious task of labeling sentiment
  • Know exactly which campaigns your audiences love
  • Boost your brand engagement and perception 

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Stay on top of every bit of feedback from your audience. Access a visual sentiment breakdown of your followers' comments, so you can instantly analyze the impact of your content and get an in-depth insight into your audiences' feelings. 

Get a granular view of your brand sentiment

Boost customer engagement and find out what strikes a chord with your audience. Easily sort posts by positive, negative, and neutral sentiment to learn what kind of content is best-received by your community.

Uncover the content your followers love

Analyze entire marketing campaigns in a single click of a button. Know exactly how each campaign affected your brand perception and easily compare the sentiment behind each one of them.

Easily analyze the impact of every campaign

Stay on top of the bigger picture by monitoring how your community responds to your content. See how your brand sentiment evolves over time, spot larger trends quickly, and adjust your strategy even faster.

Track how your brand sentiment changes over time

“Before Socialbakers, we had to find cool pages and then go through their content one by one and try to see what’s working and what isn’t in terms of content. Now we can just search a keyword or phrase and find all of the best content around any topic. Socialbakers makes content creation a lot easier for us.”

Javier Lastaria

Head of Marketing

Analyze Your Brand Sentiment in Seconds

Get started today with a platform that analyzes brand sentiment for you. Take control of your brand image and boost the results of your campaigns. 

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